Ellensburg Probate and Probate Litigation Attorney

Probate is designed to create an orderly process to close out the affairs of a person upon death. However, those matters may be quite disorderly. Relatives bring feuds and rivalries into probate, creditors want their payment, caretakers may have influenced the will, and even estate administrators may have interests in the disposition of assets.

This can lead to extensive probate litigation and the need to retain a competent probate attorney. Ellensburg Probate Attorney Theresa Petrey is such an attorney.

Probate: The Law Office of Theresa Petrey

One key method to prevent probate disputes is to retain an attorney to assist with estate planning. The help of a knowledgeable probate attorney can help when challenges do arise. Many probate problems can be negotiated to settlement. However, disputes that cannot reach settlement can be factually complicated and time consuming.

The Law Office of Theresa Petrey has an excellent track record of both successful litigation and settlement negotiation. Whether you are an estate administrator facing claims of fiduciary breach or expensive litigation, or a potential heir with concerns about the will or the objectivity of the administrator, call us today. We are committed to providing ethical, reliable legal counsel in probate and probate litigation issues.

Probate Litigation in Washington State

The passing of a family member can result is a wide array of legal issues and disputes. An Ellensburg probate litigation attorney can assist you with navigating the complex legal terrain, working to ensure that your rights are protected while helping you avoid unnecessary liability and expense.

We assist clients through any aspect of the estate administration and probate process including:

  • Paying estate taxes and debts
  • Valuing estate assets
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

Our clients include beneficiaries, heirs, executors, fiduciaries, administrators and others who hold an interest in a Washington estate. We can provide you with skilled, competent estate and probate representation that you need.

Estate Litigation

A contested will or some other estate dispute can be expensive and contentious, sometimes even pitting family members against each other. Some of the more common issues can be lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, or breach of fiduciary duty. In handling probate disputes, we are skilled at negotiation and trial advocates. Whether the issues can be resolved easily or needs aggressive litigation, we will work to protect your interests.

Theresa Petrey is an Ellensburg Attorney ready to help you during difficult times. Contact her today for a consultation on your specific needs.