Ellensburg Business and Contracts Attorney

In many business transactions, any time you agree to take an action or make a payment for something of value, you have created a legal contract. Common contracts include purchase orders, bills of sale, employment agreements and others. To ensure that all of your contracts have been drawn up correctly and to prevent legal disputes, it is in your best interest to work with a business law attorney. Theresa Petrey is an Ellensburg Attorney skilled in the practice area of business and contracts.

Contract Defined

A contract represents a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties. That agreement makes an obligation to do or not do specific things. The term “party” can refer to a corporation, company or individual. Simply put, a contract is a legally enforceable agreement.

Types of Contracts

The law recognizes various types of contracts. A “bilateral contract” exists when parties exchange mutual promises. Each party has made a promise, and each party benefits from the promises. A unilateral contract is created when an offer asks for performance instead of a promise from the other party accepting the offer. A common form of unilateral contract is the offer of a reward for information, such as information on a criminal. An “express contract” is created by explicit spoken or written language spelling out the agreement and terms. An “implied contract” is created when the behavior between the parties shows clearly the intent to enter into an agreement.

Breach of Contract

Contract disputes generally start when one party asserts that the other has failed to perform within the terms of the agreement. The failure to fulfill one end of the agreement is known as breach of contract. When this happens, or when a breach is asserted, either or both of the parties may seek enforcement of the terms or attempt to recover monetary damages. In these circumstances, it is wise to retain a knowledgeable, competent attorney like Theresa Petrey.

Washington State Breach of Contract Attorney

The Law Office of Theresa Petrey serves clients in the Ellensburg area in addition to the counties of King, Snohomish, Grant, Benton and Chelan. We have diligently built a strong reputation throughout the region and within the legal community. We place our client’s needs first, and we tailor our approach to suit the unique demands and needs of your specific legal matters currently facing your business. Ms. Petrey is a business and contract attorney prepared to help you create contracts and protect in when a contract has been breached.

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