Practice Areas

Ellensburg Business and Contracts Attorney

In many business transactions, any time you agree to take an action or make a payment for something of value, you have created a legal contract. Common contracts include purchase orders, bills of sale, employment agreements and others. To ensure that all of your contracts have been drawn up correctly and to prevent legal disputes, it is in your best interest to work with a business law attorney. Theresa Petrey is an Ellensburg Attorney skilled in the practice area of business and contracts.

Ellensburg Criminal Law Attorney

When you've been arrested for a crime, you are about to go through one of the most difficult battles you will ever face. While nothing can make the criminal process easy when you're a suspect waiting to find out if the charges are going to stick, and if you face potential jail time or fines, bringing your criminal law attorney into the process as early as possible can make a major difference when it comes to your criminal defense. By getting in contact with your attorney as soon as you can, you give your defense attorney the chance to get your side of the story from the get-go and get ahead of the police and prosecutors.

Ellensburg Estate Planning Attorney

While no one likes to think about what will happen to their family or property once they are gone, thinking about these things in advance is precisely how you keep your family and property protected, not just for the immediate future, but for generations to come. When you need help planning your estate, Ellensburg estate planning attorney Theresa Petrey will provide you with experienced legal guidance, so you can get your estate in order and stop worrying.

Ellensburg Family Law Attorney

When you are in the middle of a divorce, or in the process of negotiating child custody, support, or alimony, you cannot avoid stress. You can, however, limit it by hiring the right attorney. Theresa provides all her family law clients with experienced, dedicated representation. She understands that family legal issues are some of the most trying and difficult her clients will ever go through, and treats every case with the respect and sensitivity it deserves.

Ellensburg Probate and Probate Litigation Attorney

Probate is designed to create an orderly process to close out the affairs of a person upon death. However, those matters may be quite disorderly. Relatives bring feuds and rivalries into probate, creditors want their payment, caretakers may have influenced the will, and even estate administrators may have interests in the disposition of assets. This can lead to extensive probate litigation and the need to retain a competent probate attorney. Ellensburg Probate Attorney Theresa Petrey is such an attorney.